Raspberry Pi

Only a few weeks ago I was bemoaning the loss of the real computer. The modern PC takes it’s user too far from the metal, far from the ‘real’ world of computing. But be prepared to be amazed, here before us lies a path to real world computing again in the raspberry pi.


Raspberry Pi Model B

Raspberry Pi Model B

The Raspberry Pi is a small single board computer that plugs into your TV/Monitor and a keyboard. It can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing even games and playing high-definition video. But the real fun part is that you can program the device to do all sorts of stuff. For those with a technical bent there is a set of tools available but stay tuned to this site as we will begin to explore the real power of this system over the coming weeks and months.

The Raspberry Pi has been developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation based in Cambridge and it is hoped that the machine will encourage a new generation of engineers and programmers to embrace technology and start using computers as the basis for invention rather than just a game-playing or media device.

Inventing, we are told is a lost art. Maybe things are about to change.

Initially the Raspberry Pi Model B will be available for about £22 (35$). These are the more fully featured versions of the Raspberry Pi. The device includes an Ethernet port, and 2 USB ports as well as a monitor output.